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What’s this all about?SuckMyLens : Sined’s photography portfolio

Hi there! I’m Denis. I’m a rather passionate photography nerd, an avid traveller as well as a lot of other things that are less relevant to this website but among which are : a petrolhead, a movie and series aficionado as well as a beginner mountain climber… Just picture an outdoorsy couch potato!

So this website is going to be a way for me to display my photography work and take you with me on a trip down travel-memory-lane, with a bit of ranting if the subject calls for it…

Please enjoy!

The Timeline

The timeline is the page where I'm showing my day-to-day images, the ones that don't really fit in the other albums. Below are a few of the most recent, but don't hesitate to go take a look at the rest!

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